Attentive & experienced professional tax preparers

The Advantages of Working With LMS

Reveal the complete picture of your business with hard numbers

Satisfy Canada Revenue Agency you are meeting tax obligations

Gain legitimacy in the eyes of creditors and investors

Have someone available year-round to answer all your tax questions (no fear of being billed for every question)

About LMS

When it comes to tax preparation and advocacy, don’t put your well-being into the hands of seasonal tax outfits and retail tax software. Trust the attentive and experienced professional tax preparers at Lloyds Management Services to get you what you deserve from Canada’s tax system.

As a former Canada Revenue Agency employee, Allen Lloyd has the knowledge and experience to properly prepare your tax return, ensure you benefit from Canada’s tax system, answer any questions you may have, and – if need be – act as your advocate with CRA should you find yourself faced with an audit or review.

Entrepreneurs, businesses, and corporations take advantage of our tax expertise to ensure their financial records pass a third party inspection or audit. LMS will catch and correct reporting errors that attract CRA‘s attention and satisfy them that business records are compliant with tax regulations.

allen lloyd

Allen Lloyd


Originally from Sudbury, Allen Lloyd obtained his Bachelors in Commerce from Laurentian University and then his Masters in Economics from the University of Waterloo. Allen commenced his consulting/accounting business in 1985. He followed his passion for economics to help small and medium sized businesses either take-off on the right foot or to assist them in expanding their goods or services to meet the challenging demands of northern Ontario. In 2002, Allen accepted a position with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), as the Outreach Coordinator and Resource Officer. After ten years of service, Allen retired and returned to his tax advisory role in a self-employed capacity. He has a sturdy background in full tax services, as well as tax recovery from CRA and problem resolution when issues arise with the WSIB, Ministry Labour etc. Allen speaks English and French fluently. For advice and practical services for your business, Lloyds Management Services promises you experienced, exacting service.