LMS Corporate Tax Services

Proper Business & Corporate Tax Reporting

Whether you are a sole proprietor, a partnership, or a corporation, Lloyds Management Services has a proven record of proper business and corporate tax reporting – in the required Canada Revenue Agency format.



Tax Returns

Tax Planning

Tax Audits and Appeals

HST Returns

Payroll Preparation

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Financial Statements

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LMS Benefits Your Business In Four Main Ways

  1. Satisfy Canada Revenue Agency that you are tax compliant and meeting your tax responsibilites
  2. Get an accurate picture of your business and reveal truths about your business you may not have known
  3. Add legitimacy to your business with records, creditors and investors
  4. Provide answers to your tax questions when you need them

Get The Whole Picture Of Your Business

Most of Canada Revenue Agency’s appeals and objections to business or corporate tax returns are due to neglected or improper tax reporting. LMS fixes others’ mistakes and will act as your advocate and negotiate with CRA. We can correct bookkeeping errors and catch entries that attract auditor’s attention. People with little to no experience in tax accounting should not be preparing reports and doing returns. Get it done right the first time.

Get the whole picture of your business. With LMS working for you, you’ll know all the details of your business, both big and small, and what they mean. We will confirm or reveal truth about your business. How well are you really doing? “Future-proof” your business with the answers we provide so you can see the road ahead more clearly.

While a personal tax return may only have a small number of entries, a business may have a few thousand entries. When these entries are distilled into a year-end or profit/loss statement how accurate will they be if done in-house? With a third party like Lloyds Management Services handling your financial statements, reporting, and accounting, your business gains legitimacy with creditors, investors, and CRA. Our services equal a better perception of your business’ financial situation.

When is a good time to incorporate your business? As a corporate tax preparer, LMS can discuss your concerns and provide answers. No bookkeeper or accounting software package can answer your questions. Approachable, welcoming, and available year-round with an open-door policy, Lloyds Management Services provides answers – when you need them. There’s no substitute for an experienced tax professional.