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Business Consultations

How is your business really doing? How much is it actually worth? As a business consultant, Lloyds Management Services is able to answer these questions and knows what to ask to help your business gain the knowledge it needs to grow and reach its full potential. And best of all, you don’t have to already be using LMS to take advantage of our business consulting services.



Acquisition or Sale of a Business


Business Planning

LMS Business Evaluation

An LMS business evaluation uses multiple methods and techniques to provide you with a clear report of what your true business valuation is. You’ll have the hard numbers to answer questions about profitability, market position, competitiveness, and growth potential.

With this information, you have a legitimate claim to what your business is worth to you, creditors, lenders, investors, and potential buyers.

With LMS, Your Business Will be Taken Care Of

Get the answers you need to make difficult decisions and reduce risks. With LMS your business will be well taken care of. Get answers on hiring, franchising, cash flow, contract negotiations, etc., and take the next steps to further growth and increase profits.

Owning a business can be a lonely and isolating experience. Who can you trust to tell you the truth?

LMS will be your sounding board and offer you our professional advice. We have business experience, both inside and out, by servicing other businesses and as owners of our own business. Find out what mistakes have cost businesses their time, money, and existence before you make them.

As a business owner, you need a knowledgeable confidante to turn to with your business issues. Business owners need honest feedback to help guide the decision making process. Allen Lloyd and his LMS Team will have you, and your business’ best interest in mind. With LMS consulting on your business you get help on both the professional and personal side of business.